Welcome to the L & J blog!!!

L & J recording their 2nd Podcast — Feb 2019

Welcome to L & J’s brand new blog page. As some of our faithful followers already know, L & J have been around for almost 2 years now. Starting in February 2019, best friends (L)exi and (J)odie got together to embark on something truly silly: ‘L & J’s Wine-Down’, a short-lived podcast where the two friends would drink lots of beer and talk about what was on their minds at the time (which was usually LGBTIQ rights and random episodes of Star Trek).

L taking notes during a break at the 3 Ravens ‘Arts & Crafts’ event — July 2019.
L & J toasting to the success of their 1st live event — July 2019.

After taking a brief break so L could focus on the release of his first novel and J could complete her Leadership education, the degenerate duo reunited to oversee their ‘Not Dry In July’ campaign. It was to be a month-long event filled with daily drink reviews, a music video, and a fundraiser to generate donations for the Peter Mac Cancer Foundation. All of it culminated in an ‘Arts & Crafts’ live event held at the 3 Ravens brewery in Melbourne, Victoria. A one day only event with beer, BBQ, arts & crafts packs for the kids (and some of the adults), and live acoustic music from some very talented Melbourne musicians. With all of it hosted by L & J themselves, a substantial amount was raised for Peter Mac, and a splendid time was had by all!

Promo video for the ‘Not Dry in July’ campaign.

Taking another hiatus so J could complete her Leadership education and L could begin his 2nd book, the degenerate duo decided to recommence at the beginning of 2020 with a game plan of more live events, including brewery / winery tours, music festivals, and even more video projects. It was to be the dawn of L & J Productions. Unfortunately, with the onset of COVID 19 — not to mention living in lockdown-ridden Victoria — so many of their plans were forced to go on hold.

However, seeing the amount of uncertainty and sadness that now lingers in the 2020 air, they thought it was the perfect time to return to cheer people up with their regular brand of drunken irresponsibility — or at the very least, help to alleviate the boredom in this very dull (albeit necessary) lockdown.

Which brings us here. Welcome again to the L & J blog. Consider it our hub for our mindless ramblings, drink reviews and creative content. Not to mention, a place to find links to our video projects and Podcasts.

It’s been a rough year for everyone. But L & J aren’t taking it lying down.

L & J: lying down.

L & J are two best friends, soul mates, self-titled ‘Children of Janis’, and downright degenerates. Most importantly, they live to drink and write silliness.